Origin Story

I started growing mushrooms after a bad motocross accident left me with a broken body and a severe head injury. While I was in the hospital, i researched natural medicines to help me overcome my head trauma which had left me with blurry vision and headaches.

I came across a mushroom called lions mane which was studied to help people like me so I started growing it after realizing most products on the market are extremely dilute and come from China.

After a couple years of providing mushroom medicine, and food for my family and friends, I started getting lots of interest from others about what I was doing and I started woodland mushrooms to help supply the demand I was getting!

Now i provide the freshest and highest quality gourmet mushrooms and mushroom medicine in Alberta!

We are always looking to get our mushrooms in more peoples hands through getting them served at restaurants, markets, and grocery stores all around Alberta! We are constantly expanding to meet that goal and push it to new levels!